Graduate Training Centres must Find Jobs for Trainees

Training centres conducting the Government?s Graduate Training Scheme for unemployed graduates must guarantee jobs for trainees on completion of their courses.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn said the privately-run centres could do so through job attachments which are part of the training curriculum.

The scheme which starts on Aug 9 has more than 200 training providers applying to conduct courses to help unemployed graduates improve their marketability. The courses are in English, information and communication technology, tourism, event management and financial planning. Nearly half of the providers who applied are Bumiputera-run companies.
Fong says they are now processing their applications but they will qualify only if they have the experience and the capacity to teach the courses approved by the ministry. Most importantly, they must be able to give some sort of guarantee that the trainees will get the jobs when they finish the course.

About 15,000 graduates need to be trained. They will each receive a monthly allowance of RM350 for four to six months, depending on the duration of their courses.

Unemployed graduates interested in the scheme should register with state Labour Departments.

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