Mastering E-commerce with TAR UC

The unveiling of the TAR UC E-commerce Training Centre plaque by the distinguished guests at the launching ceremony (from right to left): Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Mr Zhang  Zhen, Mr Huang  Keming, Mr Zhou Gui and Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei.

Learning tricks of the E-commerce trade from mega players of the industry is now within reach in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’).

With the launch of the TAR UC E-commerce Training Centre on 5 November 2019 at its Kuala Lumpur Main Campus, TAR UC is the first institution of higher learning in Malaysia to offer practical and hands-on E-commerce skills for students while exposing them to the latest global E-commerce industry best practices. Through the collaborative efforts between TAR UC, Lingnan Modern Technician College (‘LNMTC’) and Guangdong Zhuoyue Qiancheng Education Services Co. Ltd, the training centre will offer the ‘E-commerce Programme Series’ which is open to TAR UC students and the public.

Tapping on LNMTC’s 10-year experience in the provision of E-commerce vocational skills education in China, the E-commerce Programme Series is divided into 3 categories, Fundamental Courses for E-commerce Beginners, Intermediate Courses for individuals who have E-commerce experiences, and Advanced Certification Courses for professional E-commerce certification.

Participants who complete the programme series will be able to master advanced E-commerce vocational skills with the potential to be qualified E-commerce specialists, establish an online store and start their own E-commerce business. Another benefit to be expected upon completion of the programme is the internship and job placement opportunities in industrial giants such as Jing Dong (‘’), an E-commerce giant in China and a Fortune Global 500 company, and many other industry players soon to come.

The launch of the TAR UC E-commerce Training Centre saw the attendance of Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Chairman of the Board of Governors of TAR UC and Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, President of TAR UC. The other distinguished guests who attended the ceremony were Mr Zhang Zhen, Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Malaysia, Mr Huang Keming, Member of Board of Governors and President of LNMTC, Mr Zhou Gui, Senior Vice President of Best Study Education Group, Ms Wang Yinghua, General Manager of Guangdong Zhuoyue Qiancheng Education Services Co. Ltd and Mr Sun Shuo, Head of JD Logistics Malaysia.

In his opening speech at the launching ceremony, Dato’ Sri Liow shared his aspiration for the collaboration. “With its growth soaring supported by a comprehensive ecosystem developed by the government, E-commerce is definitely the way forward especially in the digital economy that Malaysia is pursuing. It is therefore imperative that enterprising young Malaysians are well-equipped with the right knowledge to tap into E-commerce which in turn will bolster Malaysia’s economy. As outlined in the recently launched Shared Prosperity Vision 2030, digital economy in which E-commerce is a component, is critical in raising the nation’s well-being. We hope that through TAR UC’s E-commerce Training Centre, we will be able to contribute towards making Malaysia’s E-commerce thriving and evolving,” he said.

Mr Huang Keming in his speech shared his vision of LNMTC’s collaboration with TAR UC. “As one of the leading institutions with more than 10 years of experience in E-commerce, it is an ongoing mission for us to continue developing and enhancing the E-commerce training programmes to be offered at TAR UC through its training centre for TAR UC students and industry at large,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Sun Shuo in his speech highlighted the importance of the E-commerce Training Centre in developing the talent pool. “ will definitely require a great pool of talents that upholds JD business culture and possess E-commerce professional skills. To achieve this, values partnerships with renowned institutions like LNMTC and TAR UC to work together in developing talents and establish industry-academia partnerships by leveraging on each other’s strengths to develop highly qualified and skilled work force,” he elaborated.

In her speech, Ms Wang Yinghua spoke on her thoughts of E-commerce. She said: “I think within the next 10 to 20 years, E-commerce will be the way forward to achieve self-employment with the lowest cost. I hope every student will take part in this programme and be more courageous to seek opportunities to be the master of the future”.

Prior to the launch of the TAR UC E-commerce Training Centre, 62 TAR UC students from the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’) had the opportunity to undertake the first part of the E-commerce Programme Series in Guangzhou, China. The students spent 22 days in China from 20 September – 11 October 2019. At the launching ceremony, two students from the group shared their learning experience during the 22-day programme as well as some of the practical training contents which participants can expect to learn when they enroll for the E-commerce Programme Series.

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