Non-Malays ?not drawn to technical skills training?

The Human Resources Ministry will be conducting more roadshows to encourage more non-Malay youths and school-leavers to sign up for technical skills training. At present, Minister Datuk Dr. Fong Chan Onn commented that only 2% of the 60,000 to 70,000 application for 50 technical skills training programmes conducted at 20 training institutes nationwide were non-Malays. Courses offered are motor mechanics, printing, automotive, electromechanical, electronics, computer technology, welding, and telecommunications technology, among others.

Datuk Dr Fong commented that one of the reasons why there were so few non-Malays could be that they probably don?t know about such courses and their benefits. He further commented that the trainees who completed the courses were highly sought after by multinational companies and the starting salary is RM1,200, which is on par with university fresh graduates.

Previous talks and seminars in secondary schools on the courses had encouraged more non-Malays and the Ministry is planning more such road shows. The first road show would be in Segamat, Johor and thence nationwide.

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