Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia (IBBM)

To be regionally recognised as a leading learning solutions provider in enhancing the competencies of banking and financial services practitioners in a changing environment.

To be a professional and effective training adviser and provider in developing practitioners of banking and financial services industry to enable them to function effectively in an evolving financial services environment.

About IBBM
The Institute of Bankers Malaysia (Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia or IBBM) is devoted to providing world class education and learning services as part of its mission to develop talent in the banking and financial services industry. We aim to be at the forefront in the advancement of banking education and learning services; and are taking quantum leaps to reshape the banking education landscape through innovations in the delivery of our value propositions.

Established in November 1977 as the professional educational body for the banking and financial services industry in Malaysia, IBBM is governed by a Council comprising representatives from Bank Negara Malaysia, the Association of Banks in Malaysia, Association of Finance Companies of Malaysia and the Malaysian Investment Banking Association.

Course Outline

The Pinnacles of IBBM
The role of IBBM is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and skills through multi-pronged approaches:

Training & Learning
IBBM works closely with financial institutions to design, develop and conduct Learning and Development programmes covering all aspects of domestic and international banking. IBBM regularly introduces new programmes, and continuously reviews and enhances existing ones in close consultation with industry experts to ensure their currency and applicability in the workplace.

Certification & Membership
IBBM offers industry-focused professional certification through the Institute's very own curricula and awards, or in collaboration with other professional bodies in areas that include credit, internal audit, financial markets, documentary credit and risk management.

IBBM membership is available and has benefits that include a wide selection of courses, seminars and conferences available at preferential rates, access to IBBM's information centre that houses a specialised banking and finance library, online information access through e-brary, invitations to networking activities and events, and even special rates on IBBM's rooms and facilities.

The dissemination of information is transmitted via print and electronic media, which includes study manuals, general banking titles, computer-based courseware, a bi-monthly newsletter and a banking journal. Furthermore, IBBM's Information Centre offers a wide collection of banking related titles and periodicals.

IBBM also plays the role of training adviser to assist financial institutions or finance related organisations in identifying areas for staff professional development, and proposing the relevant training solutions


IBBM-Labuan Branch
Level 5(B), Main Office Tower
Financial Park Labuan Complex
Jalan Merdeka 87000 F.T. Labuan
Tel: (087) 451102
Fax: (087) 451103

IBBM-Penang Branch
Suite 4-02, Bangunan Sri Weld
3A Pengkalan Weld
10300 Penang
Tel: (604) 2612619
Fax: (604) 2625825

IBBM-Sarawak Branch
2nd Floor, Lot 2763, Block 10,
Lorong Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce 12
Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce
93150 Kuching
Tel: (082) 411984
Fax: (082) 235706


Contact Info
Wisma IBI, 5 Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
603-2095 6833
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