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HRD Gateway Sdn Bhd
A2-03-04, Kempas A2, Genting View Resort
69000 Genting Highland
Tel: 03-6100 5992
Fax: NIL
Email: Email this training provider
Contact Person: Danniel Lim, Managing Director

Brief Profile

HRD Gateway Management Development Centre (HRDG-MDC) is your one-stop center for all your corporate training needs. We have over 40 carefully selected training consultants and resource specialists in our roster, each a specialist in her/her area of expertise, ready to help you manage and carry out your training functions.

The driving force behind HRD Gateway Management Development Centre is our Principal Consultant, G K Lim, MBA, FInstSMM, CMS, CEI, a veteran training consultant with over 25 years experience in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, China, and UAE. He is an expert in the area of persuasion psychology training, which includes professional selling skills, key account management, effective negotiation, customer service excellence, sales management leadership, effective communication, personal development, and motivation.

G K Lim set up HRDG-MDC with Danniel Lim because he has satisfied clients who ask for training services in areas or subjects outside his area of expertise. HRDG-MDC therefore identifies training consultants who specialize in areas that clients have a need in.

Also, G K has established a growing presence on the internet ( thus resulting in many call-in clients (walk-in customers) with similar requests. HRDG-MDC was set up primarily to meet those requests.

Let us know your needs and we will meet them. Our company's mission is to take away the guess work out of training. Through HRDG-MDC, you can solve all of your training needs.

Why Choose Us ?
Because organizations must grow; and for an organization to grow, its people must grow. The best way to grow your people is to help them develop and to work on their strengths and talents, not their weaknesses. Help your people work around their weaknesses.

Research has shown that organizations that develop their employees' strengths grow faster and are more resilient to market forces. When employees are provided training on what they are good at, they see it as a reward; as opposed to as a punishment if they are provided training on what they are weak at. When employees see trainingand development as a reward, they are more receptive and therefore better able to benefit from the training provided. Here at HRDG-MDC, employee empowerment is what we are all about. We understand what an organization needs. We know how to help your people grow, and where to grow on. We know what is needed to get your people engaged and committed to their own growth and the growth of the organization.

Because we understand; and it is our mission  to take away the guesswork and take the load off your shoulders. We know what it's like to carry out training functions, the effort and work put into it. Let us take that work and burden away from you. Because we listen; we find out what you need and we fill that need. It is standard practice here at HRDG-MDC not to bring any material (unless otherwise requested) to a first appointment with a client. Instead of telling what we can do for you; we will first find out what your needs are. Then we attempt to meet those needs.

Because we know; as he has been there "fighting in the trenches," G K Lim brings to his seminars / workshops street-smart no-nonsense ideas for survival and success inthe highly competitive, fast  moving and ever changing marketplace. G K Lim and his team are ready to support you, and to help you take the load off your shoulders, and make your job as a training manager or executive as effective, as productive, as stress-free, and as enjoyable as possible.

Course Outline

HRDG-MDC offers programs and workshops for all levels of employees in an organization - Senior Management, Mid-Management, Executive and Administration - in a wide variety of topics such as:

HRS Forte Topics / Programs
• The Corporate Sales Process
• Leadership in Sales Management
• Customer Management
• Effective Negotiation Skills
• Leadership, Emotional Intelligence in Action
• Effective Communication Skills
• Dynamics of Personality Profi ling
• The Art & Skill of Public Speaking
• Effective Presentation Skills
• Stress Management
• Personal Development
• Behavioral/mindset assessment and development


Full Time / In - House / Customized

Partial List of Corporate Clients
• ABB Limited, Bangkok / Acer Technologies Sdn Bhd / ACP Industries Berhad
• Aesculap Surgical Industries Sdn Bhd / Area Farmers' Organizations, Sarawak
• Affi rmation Power Sdn Bhd / Artwright Malaysia Berhad
• Beaubelle Professional Sdn Bhd / Berjaya Education Sdn Bhd / BIC A&T Singapore Pte Ltd
• BIC-GBA Sdn Bhd / The Borneo Post / Briswtol-Myers Squibb (M) Sdn Bhd
• Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd / Central Industrial Corporation Berhad
• Chemopharm Sdn Bhd / Chlitina Marketing Sdn Bhd / Citibank Berhad / Cititel Penang
• CNN Sdn Bhd / Community Services of Bangkok / Corporate Learning Centre, S.I.T.
• Cycle & Carriage Bintang Bhd / Cynthia Ong Special Events Sdn Bhd
• Datacard Group USA / Dell Malaysia / Distance Learning Sdn Bhd / Dynaspec Sdn Bhd
• D'MONTE Child Care and Development Centre / Dynapharm (M) Sdn Bhd
• Eddie Wee & Company / Euromedical Industries Sdn Bhd /
• EW Business IT Solution Sdn Bhd
• FCS Computer Systems / FTMS Business School, Kuching
• GE Toshiba Silicones Sdn Bhd / GoalPower! International / Golden Frontier Berhad
• HAVI Food Services (Thailand) Ltd / Hong Leong Assurance Bhd / Inner Quest Sdn Bhd
• Integrajaya Calibration Technologies Sdn Bhd / Integrated Information Pte Ltd
• International ITD, Bangkok / Ipmuda Berhad
• Jabil Circuit Sdn Bhd / JSP Consulting Sdn Bhd
• Kimgres Marketing Sdn Bhd / Komag USA (M) Sdn Bhd / Kuala Lumpur Mutual Fund Bhd
• Kota Permai Golf & Country Club / KTS Trading (Sibu) Sdn Bhd
• Landmark Graphics Corporation / Len Brothers Group of Companies
• Loytape Industries Sdn Bhd
• Maersk Medical Sdn Bhd / Mahir Publications (M) Sdn Bhd / Malaysia LNG Sdn Bhd
• Malaysian British Assurance Bhd / Malaysian Institute of Accountants (East Coast)
• Malaysian Institute of Training and Development / Mayban Securities Sdn Bhd
• MBf Card Services Sdn Bhd / MBf Automobile Sdn Bhd / MBf Peugeot Sdn Bhd
• MBf Unit Trust Management Berhad / Menang-S.K.Brothers Enterprise Sdn Bhd
• Metro Systems Corporation Public Co Ltd / Microsoft Thailand
• Mitsui-O.S.K. Lines (M) Sdn Bhd / Montage Management Training Sdn Bhd
• MRS Management Sdn Bhd / Muda Pasifi k Sdn Bhd
• New Zealand Milk / Nordberg China Ltd, Beijing / Nova Force Sdn Bhd
• O'Connor's Eng. & Trading (M) Bhd / Oriental Bank Berhad
• Pacifi c Insurance Berhad / Pactuco Containers (Asia) Sdn Bhd
• Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn Bhd / Paradise Sandy Bay Hotel
• Pelangi Beach Resort, Langkawi / Penang Mutiara Beach Resort
• Permodalan Bank Simpanan Nasional Berhad / PT Tara Prima Megah, Bandung
• Public Packages Sdn Bhd / Putra World Trade Centre
• PT Takashima Family Club Indonesia
• Rangkaian Hotel Seri Malaysia Sdn Bhd / Reliance Shipping & Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd
• Roche (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd / RPB Hotels International Sdn Bhd
• SECOM (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd / See Hua Group, Sarawak / Sika Group Co. Ltd., Bangkok
• Silva Method (M) Sdn Bhd / Sindora Bhd / SIRIM Bhd / S.K. Brothers T & M (M) Sdn Bhd
• Soon Soon Oilmills Sdn Bhd / Solectron Technology Sdn Bhd / Sri Pelangi Hotel, Muar
• Sumiputeh Steel Centre Sdn Bhd / Sun Media Sdn Bhd / Supermix Concrete (M) Sdn Bhd
• Taiwan Liton Electronic Sdn Bhd / Texan (M) Sdn Bhd / Texchem Ladies Club
• The Sarawak Press Sdn Bhd / Training Associates Co. Ltd., Bangkok
• Union Paper Industries Sdn Bhd / United Traders Securities Sdn Bhd
• Wearne Brothers (1983) Sdn Bhd / Wehaya Regelung Sdn Bhd
• Yeo Hiap Seng (Malaysia) Berhad / Yves Rocher (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Supported by
Ministry of Human Resource, Malaysia Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Malaysian Institute of Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (DSD) Institut Bank-bank Malaysia MAPS
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