Relevant courses to enhance graduates? skills and qualifications

PUTRAJAYA: Graduate re-training programme will include more market-relevant courses in an effort to enhance graduates? skills and qualifications.
Human Resources Development Bhd had been directed by Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn to conduct courses catering to sectors lacking skilled workers like tourism, hospitality and estate management.
?We will also increase the number of training providers and reach out to as many unemployed graduates as possible,? Datuk Dr Fong said. He also expressed the ministry?s hope to increase the employment value of the country?s graduate by introducing these courses.
So far, 7,400 jobless graduates have enrolled for the re-training programme.
The Economic Planning Unit (EPU) conducted a census involving 59,000 diploma and degree holders. The result of the census showed that the graduates? difficulties in finding employment were due to lack of experience, poor command of English and the irrelevance of the courses they took in the universities to the job market.
Dr Fong said that the Higher Education Ministry had been informed of the EPU findings and had asked universities to look into improvement in order that graduates are employable when they complete their studies.
He also said that a team would be sent by the Ministry to Singapore, Australia and Britain to learn about their labour laws and markets.
?We are reviewing our labour laws and are doing comparative studies with these countries to increase our competitiveness and to make our work market more flexible.?
?We want our labour market to be able to offer conditions that will attract foreign investment,? he added.

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