SEGi to Invest in RM165 Million to Improve Facilities

Higher education provider SEG International Bhd (SEGi) announced that it will be investing RM165 million over the next five years for the improvement of campus facilities in its effort to attract more full-time students.

According to its Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Clement Hill, RM75 million will be invested into the construction of SEGi?s flagship campus in Kota Damansara ? targeted to become the landmark of Klang Valley landmark for private education. Some RM5 million per year will, meanwhile, be allotted for the upgrading of classroom facilities at existing campuses.

SEGi, said Datuk Hii, is spending much on capital expenditure as it realized that full-time student market provides high financial returns and therefore, the students need a proper campus learning environment. At present, SEGi is Malaysia?s largest education provider which encompasses, under its wing, Prime College, Summit International College, MSC International College, and a number of Montessori nursery schools and kindergartens.

Meanwhile, SEGi added that it will not neglect its leading position in the adult continuing education market. This is because only some 350,000 students are said to leave school each year, but only 70,000 of them are reported to be pursuing tertiary education, while 35,000 students or so will study at private institutions or overseas; therefore, SEGi has decided to focus and tap into other market segments, so as not to be solely dependant on one particular market.

SEGi is currently offering educational services to full-time students, adult learners, vocational students, Bumiputeras, foreign students, and corporate clients. Datuk Hii quipped that the college?s growth will not be via the acquiring of more colleges but will instead, be increased in the number of students by maximizing or increasing usage of capacity in space and facilities.

Its group of colleges can accommodate up to 25,000 students, while the Kota Damansara campus which is due for completion in 2007 can house up to 12,000 students. A steady growth of between 10 and 15 percent students a year is targeted by the group. At the same time, SEGi is said to be also working towards increasing the number of foreign students, and putting in place collaborations with overseas partners in main countries of China, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and Mauritius. This collaborative arrangement will see local partners taking responsibility on the infrastructure while SEGi provides the curriculum and academic support.

Datuk Hii believes the full-time and adults programmes are the most lucrative courses, charging more or less the same fees. This is in contrast with the professional courses like ACCA, LCCI and ABE, which does not reap in as much profits due to low margins.

With 9,000 students enrolled in its adult learners? programmes, SEGi group of colleges count on 10 million working adults in the country as its potential customers.

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