Top Managers Now Offered with Higher Level Training Opportunity

The governor of Bank Negara Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akhtar Aziz was the brainchild behind the establishment of the International Centre for Leadership in Finance (ICLIF) – a vision which was initiated out of a pressing need for training Malaysia?s future leaders, according to the centre?s executive director Rafiah Salim.

She added that the birth of ICLIF was a result of Tan Sri Dr Zeti?s realization that there was no business school in the region which could offer leadership studies for CEOs and top managers, hence leaving them without a place for formalized education and training at the higher levels.

Upon its setting-up last year, ICLIF was given a grant of RM500 million to generate a stellar pool of top management talents for the financial sector as well as corporations in the country and throughout Asean, by way of strategic collaborations with the best learning institutions from around the world, such as the reputable schools of Peter F Drucker Graduate School of Management, Harvard Business School, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

According to Rafiah Salim, ICLIF?s intention as a training organization was not so much about quantity, but instead, its emphasis is more towards quality. As a centre of learning and excellence, it has already developed a leadership competency model that is designed specially for people in the region. This model is expected to be launched after it has completed its four-year validation process.

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