Y.Bhg. Mr. Tiew Hai San, Chief Executive, Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad

It is my pleasure to congratulate Challenger Concept (M) Sdn. Bhd. on the release of their latest publication, the 9th edition of the Training Guide Malaysia. Complemented by the web portal www.trainingmalaysia.com, this publication has been providing valuable and relevant information about the training industry to employers, working adults, corporate training managers, school leavers and any adult looking for training or retraining and skills upgrading opportunities in the country.

PSMB is empowered by the Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act, 2001 to promote the retraining and skills upgrading of workforce. Employers in the manufacturing and selected services sector which are listed under the First Schedule of the Act are required to contribute to the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) for the retraining and skills upgrading of their employees.

2008 will be a very exciting year for training fraternity. Several new training schemes were introduced by PSMB to make retraining more accessible to the workforce, besides making them more relevant to the needs of the industries. The opening of the Ability Garden in Wisma PSMB which provides seminar, meeting and training facilities to the public signifies our effort to promote lifelong learning for workforce in Malaysia.

I would like to urge all employers to put in more effort to retrain and upgrade their employees’ skills and make lifelong learning a culture in their workplace. A highly skilled Malaysian workforce will lend a competitive edge to successful participation in the global economy and assist our nation to achieve developed status by year 2020.

Challenger Concept’s effort is commendable. This guidebook has helped many working adults and employers seeking information on training programmes. It also serves as an effective media platform for training providers to promote their programmes to the right audience.

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