Y.Bhg. Professor Dato’ Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Bajunid, President, Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management

Investment in learning is so critical for the achievements of individual, organizational or national visions and goals. The returns on investments are of many types and of different degrees of lasting impact. There are types of learning which makes a difference and learning which do not make much difference. As the knowledge revolution demands changes in curriculum in higher education, there are as yet the unarticulated and unclarified notions of the information half life or knowledge obsolescence or skills obsolescence of what are taught in the hundreds of courses offered by the providers of higher education and training institutions.

The discriminating learner/employee and the stakeholders should carefully study the various offerings of the various providers and understand their unique distinguishing features. The careful study of the programmes offered by the various providers is itself an educative process. The wealth and treasury of programme offerings provide leads into knowledge considered worthwhile and the relevance of today’s training for tomorrow’s worlds.

Open, complete and comprehensive and up-to-date information provides opportunities for informed choices for education and training. Choices are more reliable when there are more options. The number of options should not be so many as to be confusing. In order to make decisions over options there should be some clarity in assumptions, frameworks and criteria for choices. Challenger Concept has actually provided for the potential learner-customer-employee choices. This opportunity to make choices is available regardless of whether the person making the choice is in Kuala Lumpur, Bunut Susu or Pontianak or in Riyadh, Beijing, Doha, Lagos or Gaberone. The careful study of Education and Training Guides by Challenger Concept, in the first instance, provides the framework for general, competitive, and strategic benchmarking between and among the education and training providers. The critical trainer, educator, learner will not just look as the offerings in the Training Guide but will also look at the offerings in the Education Guide. Challenger Concept has actually taken the lead in creating the conditions for deep learning by providing the materials, albeit, somewhat surface level from the institutional perspective, for exploring the contents and processes of information, knowledge competences, certification, learning experiences offered by training and education providers. Challenger Concept is the one organization which has taken the lead and stayed the course of updating and sharing the vast and changing contents provided by Education and Training Providers. The Malaysian Institute of Human Resources Management (MIHRM) commends this Training Guide not just for employers who seek information and resources for the training of their employees who are knowledge workers, but also for those who are in the education fields who seek to understand the contents and processes of Training which provide remedies for knowledge skills, competencies obsolescence, and the identifiable obsolescence of human capital.

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