Pusat Kembangan Pendidikan (Centre for Educational Extension), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Dedicated to the progression of knowledge, the Centre for Educational Extension (PKP) is responsible for the marketing and management of the University’s academic programmes on executive basis. Since inception in 1996, PKP has multiplied its abilities to manage from only four executive programmes to more than twenty now. At this point in time, PKP is doubling its effort to position itself as one of the best in the industry for the offering of academic programmes to professionals of all fields and job functions.

Why Choose Us
PKP is dedicated to provide means for the pursuance of further education. To optimise the utilisation of facilities and the channeling of expertise from the University, PKP initiates discussions and workshops with relevant faculties so that the offering of programmes catering for critical industries and the country in general improves and increases. We aim to harness UKM expertise for the common good of the community and the country’s vision of creating a trained and skilled workforce.

PKP is committed to be a leader of excellence in education. Especially for the working population, we run programmes on weekends and evenings of weekdays at the University’s main campus in Bangi or its City Campus in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz, Kuala Lumpur (KKL) as well as in PKP Complex at Jalan Temerloh, Kuala Lumpur. The academic staffs are from UKM and the course content is similar to full-time courses. Graduates will be conferred a degree directly by UKM. The quality of the degrees will not differ from the ones conferred to full-timers.

We arrange for UKM’s experts from relevant fields for retreat / workshops to develop industry-relevant, competitive and market-driven syllabus and course input. Sectors currently focused on are Information Technology Management, Industrial Safety Management, Manufacturing Systems, Business Administration and Economics.

Course Outline

Faculty Of Information Technology
o Master in Information Technology (Science Computer)
o Master in Information Technology
o Bachelor in Information Technology (Science Computer)
o Diploma in Information Technology UKM - Kolej SAL
o Diploma in Information Technology UKM - Kolej Teknologi Mulia
o Diploma in Technology UKM - Kolej Teknologi Bestari

Faculty Of Business And Economics
o Master of Business Administration
o Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
o Bachelor's degree in Accounting
o Diploma in Science Logistic Management - Malaysian Royal Army

Faculty Of Medicine
o Post-Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health

Faculty Of Engineering
o Master of Engineering (Manufacturing System)
o Master of Science (Industrial and Technology Management)
o Master of Engineering (Computer and Communication)

Faculty Of Science Social And Humanities
o Bachelor of Arts (Malay Language Studies)
o Bachelor of Social Science (Politics Studies)
o Master of Social Science (Police Studies) - Malaysian Royal Police
o Diploma in Psychology (Counselling)
o Diploma in Psychology (Counselling) - Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat

Faculty Of Islamic Studies
o Bachelor in Islamic Studies (Syariah)
o Bachelor in Islamic Studies (Theology & Philosophy)

Faculty of Science And Technology
o Diploma in Radiation Protection - IAEA
o Master of Science (Quality and Productivity Improvement)
o Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)

Centre For Graduate Studies
o Master of Industrial Safety Management
o Diploma in Industrial Safety Management

Faculty Of Law
o Master of Intellectual Property
o Master of Business Law

Centre Of General Studies
o English Short Courses
o Bahasa Melayu As A Foreign Language

PKP believes that the alternative modes offered by UKM will benefit both local working executives and the international student community, contributing towards the development of a more professional and skilled workforce besides helping to fulfill the country's ambition of becoming a regional hub for education. Increasing interest from employers to allow their staff to go for after office hours' higher education and professional enhancement also significantly enhances the role of PKP.

PKP will always ensure that the development aspect of its Executive programme has a high academic value besides fulfilling corporate requirements. There cannot be a compromise between academic quality and commercial pressure. PKP makes no promise that every Executive student will pass. But once our students have successfully gone through the ups and downs of juggling family commitment, work assignments and final examinations, and finally put on their convocation robe and mortar board, they would normally come back to us asking for another two or three years of challenging but satisfying leading-to-degree training experience.

Our Controlled Programmes are aimed at harnessing the academic strength of UKM in developing the curriculum of the Diploma programmes for the participating PIHL. UKM monitors the programmes to ensure stipulated standards are followed. These programmes are Diploma in Information Technology - Kolej Teknologi Mulia, Taiping; Diploma in Information Technology - Kolej SAL, KL, Subang, Johor Bharu; and Diploma in Technology - Kolej Teknologi Bestari, Terengganu.

Students are conferred diploma upon graduation from the respective PIHL. Those who excel are considered for further advancement through the various programmes conducted at PKP.

Short And Specialised Courses
The need for adult education is validated and magnified by call and motivation for lifelong learning by the government of Malaysia as well as leaders at various levels. Holders of second degrees by majority realise the significant career advantage they will have over their colleagues with only first degrees or diplomas. Compared to its competitors, PKP carries more weight with academic programmes from the very highly-accredited UKM as its main product. It is thus of great importance to uphold the image of UKM by conducting the Executive programmes efficiently and effectively. The smooth channelling out of unquestionably locally-accredited and widely accepted academic programmes in a manner that justifies the amount of money and time invested attribute long-term value to participants in these programmes.

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