On-the-job Training for Unemployed Grads

Human Resources Development Berhad (HRDB) will be roping in employers to employ jobless graduates so that they can be trained while on the job. Employers who employ these graduates can employ them on a temporary or contract basis with the training cost subsidised by the Human Resource Development Levy. Meanwhile, HRDB will also be roping in employment agencies to help find registered employers willing to offer these training and short term/part time jobs.

This is the latest scheme thought up by the Human Resources Ministry in response to Malaysia?s predicament of unemployed graduates.

Playing that important support role to the process of training, retraining and making graduates marketable again, Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn said HRDB?s newly launched website at www.brdportal.com.my will form that crucial link between the related parties: Employers can conduct extensive online search for suitable or relevant training programmes offered by trainers registered under HRDB; the unemployed can access the portal to better understand the qualifications required by employers and they can also locate the appropriate training programmes.

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