Simple Strategies to Motivate Customers to Buy and to Stimulate their Good Feelings about the Product

In today?s competitive market, it is important to make your prospective customers feel good about you as the sales and marketing person, your company or the company which you are working for, as well as the product or service which you are trying to promote and sell, before they would actually buy your products and services.

The four simple methods, therefore, to motivate customers to engage in services / to buy products from you are as follows:

i) Personalize Marketing Approaches

It cannot be denied that customers will most likely purchase products from you if you make them feel that you understand their individual needs and are talking directly to them. Based on this guideline, your sales approach should then be customized into a way that would appeal to the specific interests and tastes of prospective customers in each niche market that has been identified.

ii) Focus on Creating Good Feelings in Customers

The buying decision of prospective customers usually depends on how good they feel about the product or service which you are offering. One method to get customers enthusiastic and excited over your service / product is to describe in the best and most vivid way possible, the benefits that they will enjoy and what it feels like to be enjoying those benefits upon the purchase.

iii) Confront and Resolve Buyer?s Scepticism that They Have in Mind

Prospective customers would usually not make any purchase should they have doubts in their minds as to whether you would deliver what you have pledged to. Therefore, one of the many ways which you can use to overcome customer?s scepticism is to use testimonials that have proven track record about previous customer?s satisfaction. To increase effectiveness, a specific result which your customer has received after using your product or service should also be described.

Another way which you can use is to provide specifics by converting general statements into specific descriptions, for example, explaining how quick and easy instead of just making s simple statement of ?quick and easy?.

In addition, toning down bold claims also play a major role in helping to erase any doubts of your customer?s mind. Although it may be true, bold claims should still be reduced to a more believable statement as it would better convince your customers.

iv) Eliminate the Need for Customers to Make Decisions

The selling process should be structured in a way that would ensure that customers need not have to make decisions. This is because every decision which they make will divert their attention away from the action of concluding the sale and will be particularly risky when customers have difficulty making a clear selection from amongst the several options presented to them.

Therefore, you should bear in mind that only one product or service should be promoted at any one time you advertise, while each product or service should be advertised separately. In short, prospective customer?s decision should be limited to only ?Yes, I will buy? or ?No, I won?t buy?, and never the ?Which One? choice for them to decide.

The aforementioned tactics may be simple suggestions but is effective is successfully encouraging and convincing customers to make their purchases from you.

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