Three-month Stint For Lecturers at private organisations

Lecturers at government skills training institutes run by the National Vocational Training Council will be sent to various private companies and multinational corporations for a three-month attachment to improve the quality of their teaching, said Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan Onn.

This is to enable lecturers to familiarize themselves with the facilities and equipments they will have to use for their teaching. At the moment, because many of the lecturers were not well-versed with such facilities, these were underused and the attachment would help to address the matter. At the same time, this would give the lecturers more exposure in the outside world. This new development was suggested during a recent brainstorming session among the Manpower Department?s officers.

The National Vocational Training Council is running 50 institutes with about 1,000 lecturers employed.

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